A tapestry of history, culture, and community elegance.

Welcome to Westfield

Just a stone's throw from the glimmering lights of New York City, Union County, New Jersey, presents an idyllic suburban retreat that embodies American charm and sophistication. History is preserved in the local architecture, shown vibrantly in its tapestry of picturesque neighborhoods and thriving townships.

The county boasts an array of towns offering a high quality of life, such as Westfield, which glistens like a gem with its vintage homes and polished downtown. Each neighborhood, from the stately Wychwood to the picturesque Stoneleigh Park, tells a tale of tradition and contemporary luxury. Union County is a quilt of green spaces, cultural hubs, and educational strongholds, all woven together by the threads of a friendly community.

What to Love

  • Enchanting neighborhoods with a rich historical narrative
  • A thriving cultural scene, from symphonies to local theater
  • Top-notch schools nurturing the bright minds of tomorrow
  • Expansive parks and outdoor spaces to breathe and be
  • Year-round events fostering a spirited and tight-knit community

Local Lifestyle

In Union County, life unfolds with a rhythm harmonizing suburban tranquility with a touch of urban flair. Residents savor a lifestyle that balances the leisurely pace of weekend nature walks at Mindowaskin Park with the sophistication of vibrant cultural events. The concept of community truly shines, from casual strolls along well-maintained sidewalks lined with mature trees to the energetic buzz of local coffee shops where baristas know your order by heart.

The county's social fabric is tight-knit, characterized by block parties, charity runs, and farmer's markets where organic produce is as abundant as friendly conversations. Parents gather at playgrounds, watching their children play as they plan community events, and fitness enthusiasts take advantage of the numerous trails and parks for jogging, cycling, or a rejuvenating yoga session in the open air.


Dining and Entertainment

Union County's culinary scene is a vibrant tapestry, interwoven with flavors that span from the time-honored Italian trattorias to the innovative farm-to-table bistros. For the gourmand, a wealth of dining experiences awaits, whether it's the joy of biting into a perfectly seared steak at a high-end steakhouse or savoring the subtle nuances of a handcrafted sushi roll at a chic Japanese eatery. 

For those with a penchant for the grape, local wine bars offer curated selections that invite patrons on a tasting journey from the rolling vineyards of Tuscany to the innovative wineries of Napa Valley. Mixologists at high-end cocktail bars craft libations that are both an art and a science, perfect for toasting to a celebration or capping off a successful workweek.

Bovella's Pastry Shoppe, a haven for sweet tooths, serves up confectionery masterpieces, while Ferraro's offers a taste of Italy right in the heart of New Jersey. For a classic American breakfast or brunch that hits all the right notes, Turning Point of Westfield is a must-visit. Meanwhile, lively evenings find their start at Westfield Diner, a staple for comfort food.

Entertainment options are just as plentiful and diverse. The county's theaters and live music venues are abuzz with performances, where one can catch a Broadway-style show, a live jazz ensemble, or a contemporary rock band. The area's rich artistic heritage is palpable, with galleries showcasing everything from avant-garde installations to classic fine art pieces.

Things to Do

For those who revel in the active lifestyle, Union County doesn't disappoint. The Westfield Outdoor Tennis Club serves as a rallying point for sports enthusiasts, while the Westfield Indoor Tennis Club ensures that the game goes on year-round, regardless of the weather. 

As the seasons change, so do the activities within Union County. Memorial Park and Pool provides a summer sanctuary for families. At the same time, the array of community events, from 5K runs to festive holiday traditions, ensures that the calendar is as full as the hearts of those who reside here.

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