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Welcome to Fanwood

Imagine a place where the nostalgic charm of a Norman Rockwell painting and the vibrant pulse of modern living dance in perfect harmony, and you’ll find Fanwood, New Jersey, a hidden gem nestled in the embrace of Union County, offering a unique blend of serene residential living and spirited community vibe. Here, a collection of homes that capture the imagination, from enchanting historical abodes to sleek contemporary designs, are set against a backdrop of lush, mature trees and manicured lawns.


As you meander through the neighborhood, the Fanwood Train Station stands as a proud emblem of the area’s connectivity, offering seamless commutes to New York City and beyond. This is where professionals find balance; productive days in the city give way to peaceful evenings and weekends in this borough’s tranquil confines. In Fanwood, you'll discover an exceptional quality of life where tradition blends with progress, and every day is an opportunity to create cherished memories.

What to Love

  • With great schools anchoring the community, children are set for academic success
  • The NJ Transit Raritan Valley Line provides easy access to NYC and beyond
  • From quaint cottages to stately homes, there’s an architectural style for every buyer’s taste
  • The green splendor of parks like LaGrande and the Fanwood Nature Center provide a natural retreat for outdoor enthusiasts
  • Frequent community events and festivals showcase the borough's vibrant heart
  • Rated one of the Best Places to Live by Niche

Local Lifestyle

Life in Fanwood is an artful balance of leisurely days spent in verdant parks and spirited community gatherings. Here, days can begin with quiet moments reading a book at the Fanwood Memorial Library and end with the shared excitement of a local festival. People here are not just neighbors; they are friends, sharing life's milestones and everyday occurrences with a sense of belonging and camaraderie.

Dining and Entertainment

Fanwood may be smaller in size, but it boasts a dining scene that would make much larger cities envious. Culinary adventures await, with local eateries serving everything from gourmet delights to comforting diner classics. At the top of the list is Fabio's Bistro, an Italian eatery that is a testament to the time-honored traditions of Italian cuisine. Fabio's has carved a niche with its hearty portions, authentic flavors, and a warm, inviting atmosphere that feels like a big Italian family gathering. Whether it's the handmade pasta or the wood-fired pizzas, every dish tells a story of generations-old recipes and the love of food.  Indulge in the flavors of local chefs dedicated to bringing quality and creativity to your plate. And with Scotch Plains just a stone's throw away, the options double, ensuring your taste buds are always on a journey of discovery. After savoring a meal, residents can dive into the entertainment scene with various festivals and community events that sprinkle the calendar, ensuring there’s always something to celebrate.

Things to Do

In Fanwood, the local calendar is a colorful mosaic of activities. La Grande Park’s verdant fields and family-centric playground are a nucleus of outdoor enjoyment. Meanwhile, the Fanwood Nature Center invites you to meander through trails where nature's music plays a symphony for the soul. Here, every path leads to new discoveries, whether you’re bird-watching or simply seeking serenity in the heart of nature.


The community's vibrancy truly shines through its festivals and shared celebrations. The streets come alive with the buzz of neighbors mingling, music filling the air, and a communal spirit that rivals any holiday gathering.

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